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Learn about Church Street School's approach to art education and view work created by the talented art students of Church Street School. 


In our process-oriented art program, we believe learning happens through open-ended creation that allows for random occurrences, improvisation, and exploration. Our classes focus on the individual student’s interests and curiosity while encouraging experimentation and play. Our focus on process celebrates the creative genius of children, empowering them and building confidence that stretches beyond the art studio.

As children mature, our experiential program gradually incorporates instruction in the more technical aspects of art-making, but always with the emphasis on developing the individual’s unique artistic process.

All Ages Multimedia from the Fall 2023 Student Art Show!

Multimedia art crafted by CSSMA's youngest students during Explore! Art I & II!

Creations from the minds and hands of Creative Arts Club after school students!

Multimedia pieces crafted by students during the One Week Adventures in Art

summer program!