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Discover a hidden talent and engage your creativity!


Our teen and adult programs focus on connecting you to whatever you dream of learning. Our adult classes are customized to your interests and schedule because we know that you’re busy but making time for creative expression is important to you.

*Program prices are prorated to reflect the number of sessions per semester.​


13 - 18yrs


Our award-winning teen program features workshop classes as well as shows for teen bands.

Music Theory Workshop

13 - 18 yrs

Music Theory Workshop

Music Theory Workshop breaks down the fundamentals of music theory that students of all ages need to know.

Band Factory

8yrs & up

Band Factory

Students join a band coached by an experienced educator/ professional musician, rehearsing weekly, writing their own music, and learning the skills necessary to flourish in both a musical ensemble and in a group of their peers.

Portfolio Deep Dive & Development

12 - 18 yrs

Portfolio Deep Dive & Development

Students will explore a wide range of art techniques and gain confidence in their personal artistic voice.

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