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Band Factory

Students join a band coached by an experienced educator/ professional musician, rehearsing weekly, writing their own music, and learning the skills necessary to flourish in both a musical ensemble and in a group of their peers. All musical styles and instruments welcome, groups formed based on age and experience levels. Performance opportunities throughout the school year.

Mondays @ 5:30pm w/ Phil Stewart — Pop & Rock Workshop

Master drummer and multi-instrumentalist Phil Stewart heads this weekly band program that a focuses on contemporary songs and artists. Learn to play your favorite songs from the radio & TikTok, and discover the joy of making music with peers. This is an early-intermediate level program.

Fridays @ 5pm w/ Michael Eaton — Band Basics

Renowned saxophonist and bandleader Michael Eaton leads a weekly band program for beginners, with a focus on building repertoire while learning the fundamentals of ensemble playing – counting and rhythm, playing together, dynamics, blending individual sounds, song form and structure, and more.

Fridays @5pm w/ Phil Stewart — Classic Rock Workshop

Our weekly band program meets to learn and rehearse repertoire from the Classic Rock “canon,” with performance opportunities along the way. An early-intermediate level program for teens and tweens led by master drummer and multi-instrumentalist Phil Stewart.

Class price is prorated to reflect class length.


8yrs & up


Michael Eaton, Phil Stewart


Monday - Friday, Start Times Vary


$900 | 18 week semester

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