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Get inspired, get hands on, and explore your creative side!

Students can join Church Street School for Music and Art (CSSMA) on weekday afternoons for our many creative arts programs! From 60-minute studio art and Improv classes that explore specific topics and media in depth, to our three-hour after school program Creative Arts Club (3PM-6PM), which ranges widely across artistic disciplines during the course of the semester, after school at Church Street School is the perfect way for students to stretch their creativity after a day in the classroom.

Note: Students taking only instrumental lessons or studio art classes can sign up for school pickups for a fee of $360 per 18 week semester (a 10% multi-reg discount will also be applicable to this fee).

*Program prices are prorated to reflect the number of sessions per semester.​

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Art Adventures for Children

Nurture your child's creativity in this arts immersion after-school program for Pre-K students.

 4 - 5 yrs

5 - 12yrs

Creative Arts Club

In our hands-on, process-oriented after school program, students embark on an open-ended art experience limited only by the bounds of their creativity.

5 - 12 yrs

3D Building & Sculpture

A great intro to building three-dimensional projects for young artists!

Digital Art

8yrs & up

Digital Art

Perfect for tech-loving kids! We’ll make projects using online tools such as Pixilart, Symmetry Artist, and more.

Private Art Lesson

5 yrs & up

Private Art Lesson

Receive one-on-one visual art instruction from a member of the CSSMA Arts Faculty!

Joy of Improv

7 - 12 yrs

Joy of Improv

Improvisational play is used to nurture creativity while improving confidence and sharing in the social bond of laughter.

Portfolio Deep Dive & Development

12 - 18 yrs

Portfolio Deep Dive & Development

Students will explore a wide range of art techniques and gain confidence in their personal artistic voice.

Drawing Technique

7 - 13 yrs

Drawing Technique

In our drawing studio, students of all abilities will build techniques for drawing from observation and imagination!


8 - 12 Yrs


In this introductory course, students will be exposed to the world of printmaking by creating multiple prints from an original matrix or plate.

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