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Creative Arts Club

In our hands-on, process-oriented after school program, students embark on an open-ended art experience limited only by the bounds of their creativity.

With a rotating schedule of workshops we explore media like digital photography, animation, weaving and sewing, drawing, painting, sculpture, bookmaking, puppetry, printmaking and more! Creative Arts Club is taught by professional NYC artists who demonstrate, facilitate, and provide feedback, helping to shape the unique artistic vision of each student.

Register for one or more days per week and discounted pickup from area school is available. Combine with an Instrumental Lesson or Class for a 10% discount!


Bernice Ho, Andy Pomykalski


Monday - Friday, 3pm - 6pm


$1,200 | 18-week semester | One (or more) day(s) per week


5 - 12 yrs

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