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An Interview with the Star of Duane Park Holiday Cheer: CSSMA's own Fiel Alvarado!

Do you hear what I hear? On Thursday, December 8th, from 5:30pm - 7pm Church Street School for Music & Art and Brooklyn Friends will partner up with Friends of Duane Park to bring you an evening of music, community, and holiday fun during the Holiday Cheer Winter Concert!

The evening's festivities will include live musical performances, delicious festive drinks and treats, and a sing-along of beloved holiday classics! Best of all? CSSMA students Fiel Alvarado and Aria Anjali (read Aria's Interview here!) will be headlining the event and showcasing their immense talent during this can't miss evening of music.

Ahead of this concert, we decided to sit down with Fiel to discuss her musical beginnings, inspirations, and more. Keep scrolling to learn more about this talented young musician and get excited for this upcoming can't miss evening of music!


Fiel Alvarado

Fiel Alvarado Performing during the 20th Anniversary 9/11 Memorial at Battery Park City.

Q: What inspired you to start singing?

Fiel Alvarado: I have always loved singing—it’s always been something that I just do. In a way, singing is like breathing for me.

Q: What instrument was your first music lesson on at Church Street School — was it on piano, guitar, or voice? How old were you, and do you remember any details about what it was like and how it felt?

FA: I was about 11 when I started vocal lessons. My first vocal teacher, I believe, was an opera singer, and did not like my choice of music, which literally made me dread having to go to my lessons. Then I switched to Church St School for Music and Art. I was given another vocal coach, that's how I met Stacy. She understood my choice/genre of music. After that I couldn't wait to go back to my lessons.

Q: What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

FA: The way lyrics can express a person's true emotions, like poetry. The passion is in every word. In music, the passion is in the vocals—deep down from the stomach to the core of it all. The passion comes from within, in every performance, every note and every melody.

Q: How and where do you get inspiration from for your music?

FA: My emotions. It just happens naturally I could be in the middle of class and I could think of lyrics for a song or a melody. I have to quickly stop what I'm doing and write everything down. If not I'll lose it. Inspiration comes from everywhere (even geometry class).

Q: What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of music?

FA: I love to read, I enjoy playing sports, and I like to draw and watch movies. I also enjoy playing chess and pranking my dad!


Help CSSMA continue to inspire the artistic growth of young musicians like Fiel! Donate to our 2022 Annual Appeal and help us raise $100,000 by December 31st.

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