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Get Inspired by the Women of CSSMA!

This International Women's Day, we want to highlight the amazing female artists, faculty members, and creatives who are a part of the CSSMA community! So, we are bringing a few of our past Wednesday Inspirational Blasts to the Church Street School blog page in the hopes of sharing them with even more of you!

Happy International Women's Day. Today, and every day we are ecstatic to shine a light on the boundless contributions the women in our community have made to CSSMA! From our founding in 1990 to present day, Church Street School has been bolstered by the passion and support of women. It is an honor to use our platforms acknowledge a small portion of these amazing people!

We hope that you enjoy!

Liz Asti | CSSMA Faculty Member

Abagael Cheng | CSSMA Alumna

Alex Dine | Former CSSMA Faculty Member

Dr. Lisa Ecklund - Flores | CSSMA Co-Founder and Faculty Member

Abby Payne & Cori Kresge | CSSMA Faculty Members

Rebecca Weller | CSSMA Parent, Supporter, &
EVENT 2023 Co-Honoree

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