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An inspiring Upcoming Art Show at AMANITA Gallery featuring Adrian Schachter


Today’s Inspiration is about an upcoming art show at the AMANITA gallery. Featuring the work of celebrated artist Adrian Schachter, the exhibition will include two benches created with the help of Church Street School’s Creative Arts Club students as well as many of Schachter’s original pieces. 


 Learn more about this exciting upcoming show and the artist himself below!


Starting this Friday, March 15th until Sunday, April 21st, the AMANITA gallery (located in the space that once housed the legendary CBGB) will display a new solo exhibition from artist Adrian Schachter.

The exhibition, titled ‘Apples & Oranges’ will consist of multimedia works that explore the idea of an AI entity as a person. In his press release about the show, Schachter elaborates on this theme. “Analogizing is in our nature. Here is another one: arbitrary as it may seem, if an AI entity is a person, I would call the soul the model and its environment might be the data set it’s trained on… This is to suggest that we interpret the world around us by means of our internal code. External influences, sure, but we have varying degrees of autonomy in collecting our own data points.”

We were approached by the artist because he was looking to engage with young students and offer them a platform to express their creative perspectives. Schachter is interested in how children make art in the contemporary landscape of AI and wanted to explore how they saw art and how they responded to and created within this environment. This was a fun opportunity for our students to directly work with the artist and engage in their work. We are very excited for the benches to be on display in this upcoming show!

Images of Adrian Schachter's work courtesy of AMANITA gallery

Proceeds from the sale of the benches created by Schachter in collaboration with Church Street School students will be donated to CSSMA! Huge thanks to Adrian Schachter and AMANITA gallery for including our students in this amazing project. We are extremely grateful to him for taking this opportunity to collaborate with us and support our mission to make accessible and inclusive arts education available to all. We hope you will check out the show! 

CAC Students & Adrian Schachter Posing with the Benches!


Image courtesy of AMANITA Gallery

Adrian Schachter is a visual artist and clothing designer based in NYC & London. Growing up in an artistic family during the hyper-technologically connected 2000s, Schachter acquired a voracious appetite for information and learned to question everything. According to Schachter, this led to a developed sense of “idealistic cynicism”, that compels him to analyze all hypocrisies and inconsistencies encountered through his work.


Schachter holds a BFA from School of Visual Arts (SVA) with honors, New York, NY, and has shown in numerous shows internationally since 2016 in: Paris, Shanghai, London, LA, and New York. 

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