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Don’t Get Summer Learning Loss!

Updated: Apr 18

By: Dr. Tereza Lee

Leonardo da Vinci played the lute; Thomas Edison played the piano; Neil Armstrong played the horn; Einstein played the violin daily, scientists discovered a “knob” in a part of his brain that only violinists have. Pianists, guitar players, and other musicians have similar “knobs” in the brain that helps with thinking creatively in math and the sciences.

But this is not a blog about knobs. Or about famous scientists. It is about YOU and why consistent music lessons throughout the summer is crucial to brain development.

Learning how to play music is a skills-based activity, like learning a new language — in this case the language of sound. That means that if you don’t continue practicing the skill, you start to forget it and suffer from summer learning loss ( events/sdf-news/examining-summer-learning-loss-achievement-gaps-in-2021).

Summer happens to be the perfect time to pick up your instrument! Break from school allows for the opportunity to actually spend some quality time with your music and instrument, it’s a great time to tackle a new piece, challenge yourself towards a new goal, or even learn a new instrument.

Our Summer Camp, Early Childhood Music and Art Programs, and Teen Band Programs are designed for social interaction as well. Learning to play with others, developing listening skills, spending time with people with similar interests, and sharing music with others build friendships and community.

When you learn to play together in an ensemble, you also learn to work together with others in life. At CSSMA, we not only develop our musical and artistic skills, we also build lives that the students take with them forever. So keep those brains active, and beware of playing catch up in the fall semester when you return!

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