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Letter from Dr. Lisa Ecklund-Flores

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

To My Dear Church Street School Family,

I am writing today with some big news.

Thirty years after co-founding Church Street School for Music and Art, I have decided to retire as the Executive Director. I will be stepping down from this position at the end of August 2021. I recently celebrated my 65th birthday, and I am using this milestone to mark another chapter of my life.

I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for Church Street School. We have gathered a wonderful staff, faculty, and community of like-minded people, who all share a belief in the transformative power of the arts and a belief that everyone has a unique creative voice to be nurtured. The school has always served as a vessel for creative expression, which is why it has grown so much and become such an integral part of the cultural fabric downtown. Church Street School needs and deserves a fresh and energetic leader to forge ahead into the future, with the solid foundation that we have all laid together.

I will continue on as a faculty member at Church Street School. This is important to me, as teaching is my passion, and is what inspired me to start the school with Lauri Bailey in the first place. I also have an urgent desire to turn my attention to a vision I have - combining my experience and education in the Dalcroze method and as a music therapist to create a teacher training program - so that the approach I have developed over these 30 years can live on in the work of others.

The Board of Directors is fully focused on the search for the new ED; please read their leRer below to learn more details about that process. I am counting on everyone who loves Church Street School to continue to support the school and imagine its future together. I have spent my entire adult life creating this organization, building relatioonships, growing as Tribeca grew, and so we are all a part of each other. That will never change.

With all my love,

Lisa Ecklund-Flores Executive Director and Co-Founder

Dear Friends and Families of Church Street School:

With a mixture of awe and excitement, the Board at Church Street School for Music and Art in Tribeca has begun a search for a new Executive Director.

After co-founder Lisa Ecklund-Flores announced her plan to step down by Fall 2021, the Board hired LJN Advisory to conduct an executive search. We have released a position profile for this opportunity and seek a new leader who can secure the resources and envision the future of Lower Manhattan’s not-for-profit music and art school.

As Church Street School emerges from the long Covid winter, we see extraordinary potential and opportunity to shine. By necessity, out of isolation, we have found new ways to commune, educate, learn and create. The Board looks forward to navigating this pivotal transition in our evolution, alongside each and every member of the Church Street School community.

We remain, as always, in awe of Lisa’s extraordinary accomplishments. The school would not be here without her perseverance and sense of belief. Her passion for music and art education served as the impetus for founding the school 30 years ago. We are grateful and delighted that she will continue to serve on the faculty at Church Street School.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or another Board member if you would like to discuss the future of Church Street School. Contact LJN advisory to discuss recruitment.

Happy Spring!

Judy Levine Board Chair Church Street School for Music and Art

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