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Eri Miyashita


As a native of Japan, Eri Miyashita has been an active soloist, accompanist, and instructor in New York City area. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the City College of New York and a Master’s degree in Music from Michigan State University. While attending school, Eri received 8 awards as a talented pianist, including the Fritz Jahoda award and Sidney Zolot Award. After returning to New York City in 2012, she has appeared at multiple music venues such as the Steinway Hall of NYC and Tenri Cultural Hall of New York. Her performance of Ginastera’s first piano sonata was praised by a Japanese newspaper as “skillfully conveyed dramatic expression and a highly expressive touch on the piano”. In 2013, she was selected by the National Music Festival in Maryland as a collaborative pianist with a full scholarship. There, she accompanied an internationally acclaimed Euphonium soloist Demondrae Thurman and his performance workshop.

For over a decade, Eri has been a dedicated piano instructor for students of all ages. Her students have appeared at famous venues including Carnegie Hall and Steinway Hall of NYC, as well as receiving great awards at international competitions. Her motto in teaching is to motivate students in order to maximize their creativity and individuality as much as possible. She believes that effective piano instruction takes place when both teachers and students learn from each other and find personal connection through music, not only paying attention to the technical improvement.

Additionally, Eri is a board certified music therapist since 2012.

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