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Private Instrumental & Voice Lessons

Private Instrumental and Voice Lessons | 5 years & up (virtual and in-person)

One-on-one lessons for students of all ages with a member of our world-class teaching faculty. All instruments and experience levels welcome!

Lessons are scheduled on an individual basis, and are thirty minutes to an hour in length.

Virtual options available. Once registered you’ll receive an email with a simple instruction to guide you to your classroom!

In-house instrument maintenance services provided by Arolla Piano Co! If you are a CSSMA student or faculty member, you can receive a 10% discount on all piano maintenance services. Head to to book today.

View more student instrumental performance videos here!


5yrs & up


See Instrumental Instructors on Staff & Faculty page


Monday - Friday, 2pm - 9pm; Saturday - Sunday, 9am - 4pm


$1404 for 30-mins lesson; $1656 for 45-mins lesson; $1890 for 60-mins lesson. All prices are based on an 18 week semester

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