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Etai Abramovich


Born and raised in New York City, Etai Abramovich fell in love with music the first time he touched a drum set. Joining a rock band summer camp as a pianist in fourth grade, he surprised himself when he jumped eagerly at the opportunity to mount the drum throne. From that point on, he was glued to the seat, and his passion for all instruments blossomed.

While at Beacon High School, he met the four boys who would quickly go on to become his besties and bandmates in LAUNDRY DAY. Nearly six years later, LAUNDRY DAY is still active as ever - signed to Warner Records and lauded by NME on the NME 100, their annual list of "essential new artists", in January 2020.

Etai appreciates the immense power and magic that music educators possess. He feels honored to have the opportunity to pass the music onto the young students at GMC. After all, there is no greater joy than watching a child develop skill and passion, daydreaming about where it might take them later in life.

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