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Rosi Hertlein

Strings, Voice

Violinist, singer, composer, producer, painter, creator of installation art and poet. Rosi’s musical background is divided equally between the worlds of improvisation and contemporary classical. She began serious study of both violin and piano in the late 70’s, before switching her focus to violin and vocals in the 80’s. She also earned a degree in Sociology in 1989, subsequently traveling to Ghana to study the links between society and music in Western Africa. After returning to Germany, she began teaching and working as a composer, violinist, singer and percussionist in a variety of settings. In 1995 Rosi moved from Hamburg, Germany to New York City and continued working and recording with numerous musicians and ensembles and is an internationally recognized member of the New York music scene. She works as a teaching artist in New York’s public schools, teaches violin, vocals and music theory in music schools and offers vocal and violin clinics at colleges.

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