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Explore! Music II

Jump, dance and drum to the beat!

The next in our progressive Explore! Music Series, this 45 minute music class expands upon the concepts introduced in Explore! Music I. Based on the Dalcroze Method, this class creates musical experiences that engage students in a holistic way, using quick reaction exercises and instruments to motivate concentration and coordination of ear, mind and body.

Students leap when they hear accents, run when the music becomes twice as fast, and stretch high and low to show melodic contour. Explore Music II is a beginning music theory class, where students learn while having fun!

*Pair a class with its art counterpart and receive 10% off the second registration!


3 - 5yrs


Richard Younger


Tuesday, 4pm - 4:45pm; Thursday, 3:15pm - 4pm


$850 for an 18 week semester. Tuition prorated to reflect student's start date.

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