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Headshot of Mid Adult Man

Brendan McNally

Art Teacher

Focusing on contemporary portraiture, Brendan blends realism with abstract visual elements to capture the emotional essence of his subject and explore the complexity of human nature. After studying at the Columbus College of Art and Design, Brendan spent six years traveling to 15 different countries in the United States Air Force. That exposure to different cultures and diverse peoples helped inform and enrich his interest in human portraiture. Upon completing his contract with the military, Brendan completed his Master’s Degree at Columbia University and then taught international graduate teacher training courses at The Ohio State University for 4 years.

Currently, Brendan is working and living as a fine artist in NYC, where his work has been featured at the National Arts Club, throughout a boutique Soho hotel and in numerous galleries around Manhattan. Brendan’s work has also been featured as part of a New York City non-profit campaign, in which one of his most iconic paintings was hung from street light banners lining Broadway throughout Soho. This campaign represented his time street painting to revitalize Soho during the BLM protests of 2020 and throughout the Covid pandemic.

Brendan has spent the past two years teaching mural courses, hosting live painting events, and developing an art curriculum, He has also been providing private art tutoring to fellow artists for the past five years. Before his time as a teaching artist, Brendan served as a educator of foreign language at three universities including Ohio State University.

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